Since Reuse Littleborough was formed in 2015 one of our primary aims was to achieve our goals without EVER asking our members for their hard earned money. No tins are EVER rattled with our name on it.

Another important aim was to run our charity without paying wages and to achieve our aims with just volunteers. So many big charities raise millions but pay out a big percentage in staffing, buildings and company cars. I fully understand the way they operate and not making any criticism whatsoever.

My intention has always been to raise as much money as possible for our charities & it has been difficult but we get by. The volunteer’s we have are very dedicated and work very hard but the future of Reuse Littleborough lies in the hands of some younger volunteers that can take things forward and inject some new ideas.

We have recruited some our drivers from an organisation called NARPO, these are retired police officers that have mostly been trained to drive to a higher standard. They have taken early retirement and still want to make a difference to our local community.

The resource centre that we have set up in Rochdale provides everything needed to help anyone that is struggling with the keys to an empty property and no access to public funds. It needs staffing, dealing with our support workers ( social workers, health visitors and midwives ).

We are also helping children’s services , adult care, helping patients in long term hospital care to get back into the community, housing the homeless on our streets, we are a point of call for community connectors.

Can you jump in to help?

Bring your ideas with you.

So many TVs get donated, they need checking and tuning, maybe just one day a week , is that you ?

We send 2 drivers out on our furniture collection van, can you join them in the empty seat?

Sorting the mountains of donated clothes is ongoing and just one day a week can make a difference.

Restocking the shelves, dealing with our customers, it all needs doing.

Ring me on 07951730458 for a chat.