Here are some kind words we have received from the professionals who use our services.

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21st April 2023

As a Family Support Worker in Rochdale I would like to say thank you to Michael and his Team for all the help they give to families I work with. Often people find themselves in dire need through no fault of their own. I work with women fleeing domestic abuse. People who have lost their jobs and become homeless. Teenage mums. Parents with mental health issues. People recovering from addictions. There are so many reasons people need support, especially in the current economic climate. Sadly many of the Charities we have always applied to, are now struggling too, due to lack of donations. The Team I work for, and many more in Rochdale, could not do what we do without ReUse Littleborough.  They never say no. They work extremely hard. They dont judge people. What Michael does is just amazing ! The whole Team really care. If its a baby’s cot you need, or an entire house furnishing, ReUse will do everything in their power to help. If they don’t have what you need, they will go out of their way to find it for you. I know that ReUse Littleborough have made such a massive difference to so many families lives. There are children who no longer have to sleep on the floor;  there are elderly people who now have a wheel chair or a commode. And newborn babies who have a much better start in life, thanks to ReUse Littleborough. Its not just the items that are given to them, but the peace of mind, and the fact these families don’t have to worry so much anymore. Michael and his Team really do change lives.

Thank you.

Family Support Worker – Rochdale Council

12th April 2023

I would like to let you know that ReUse Littleborough has helped the Hamer School community many times over the years and the families have been overwhelmed by your generosity.  You and your team always meet and greet the families and myself  with care and respect. I feel that your service (that is free to those in need) is one of the gems of Rochdale!

Thank you for all of your support and the impact your service has for the families of Rochdale.

17th April 2023

To Michael and all the team, You are a brilliant organisation and help so many people of this borough so I felt it was time I sent you an email praising all that you do. I have been using your services for quite a few years including when I used to work at a children centre. Many families have been able to get furniture items including wardrobes, beds and chests of drawers. Some of the families have also been given a full kit of baby items to start them off, including moses baskets, bedding, clothing, nappies and baby gates.

Since working at WHAG a few of our families have received furniture including sofas, drawers, tables, small kitchen appliances, lamps, etc.

Also on a personal note, an older member of my family was able to receive a walking aid (trolley) and a commode which helped them enormously. I hope the local authority recognise what a valuable asset this organisation is to the community and help them to be able to stay in their new premises so they don’t keep incurring costs to re-locate. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

A Child and Family Worker

17th April 2023

Hi Michael,

Just a note to say a huge thank you for all the support you offer to Rochdale and that enable us to do our job effectively – (Rochdale Young Parents service). Recently, I signposted a young parent to your shop, Second Time Around in Littleborough. She is a new parent and had very little in terms of toys and clothes for her new baby. The look on her face when she showed me all she had acquired for very little money, this made my job so worthwhile.

I know that colleagues have also used your invaluable furniture service when we are helping new parents set up home. Fantastic! Without your organisation I really don’t know what we would do……… Keep up the good work Michael and thank you again.

A Support Worker

10th April 2023

On behalf of the volunteers and Trustees at Rochdale Foodbank, I should like to thank Michael and his team for the support they have offered to our clients over the years.  For a short time they were based next door to our new premises on Newgate and I saw at first hand the  range of goods on offer to families, free of charge.  In particular, I remember the help given to one family of asylum seekers from El Salvador which was greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all your hard work


Rochdale Foodbank

4th April 2023

ReUse Littleborough has supported many families I have worked with over the last 5 years! It is an amazing and much needed resource for our families and I feel without it we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs effectively! I have had bags and bags of clothes – childrens and adults, furniture, cots, baby items, toys and household items all have been needed by the families I work with and given by ReUse for free.

With the rising cost of living I feel it is needed now more than ever!

Please support them!
To everyone at ReUse Littleborough, thank you! I am so grateful for your help!

4th April 2023

I just wanted to say……..where would us professionals and our families be without you?!!

Some of our families have absolutely nothing due to their circumstances which is hard to believe but is true.

I have never been turned away from the Resource Centre in Rochdale, ReUse in Littleborough and Second Time Around have also helped with some of my ‘In need’ families.

Needs vary – furniture, baby items, clothes, bedding…but you are always able to help in some way

Thankyou, you are much appreciated!

Supporting Families Key Worker

2nd Feb 2021

Hi,  I work for Home Instead in Rochdale.  We are a Domiciliary Care Provide that support personal care, befriending and companionship to the elderly.

In my job role as Networker I am always asked for advise and guidance for vulnerable adults in regards to additional aids for the home.

I always recommend ReUse Littleborough.  We helped a caller at Christmas that was very concerned about an elderly neighbour who was struggling in his own home.  I contacted Michael and arranged the collection of a commode and delivered it to the home.

The family were so grateful that he described Michael as a “Walking Angel”.

It is down to Michael and his dedicated team that enable family members to stay in their own homes that little bit longer and for those who cannot afford the aids.

Without the service that ReUse offer many families will be at a loss with nowhere to turn.

Thank you for all the help and support that you bring to the community.

A Networker

2nd Feb 2021

The support we get from ReUse Littleborough is invaluable and essential to so many vulnerable families.

Homeless families we take to the shop with only the clothes on their back. Go home with hope as they hold on to their new clothes and shoes, bedding and toys for the children.

Mums to be who have fled domestic abuse and a traumatic childhood expecting their first child with nothing. They return home feeling positive as a parent providing somewhere safe for the baby to sleep in. Hospital kit for the labour ward.

Michael and the staff go above and beyond with their support in the community and premises is a priority.

Emotional Wellbeing Support Worker

1st Feb 2021

Dear ReUse Littleborough,

I am writing this email to thankyou for all your support throughout the year.

I have supported many families throughout Rochdale and have used your service on numerous occasions for providing household furnishings for our families.

I have also relied on you to provide beds and bedding for families who have been struggling.

You have provided disabled aids and products.

Numerous baby equipment and resources for young mum’s who are struggling.

Your charity has been the core of a lot of the support I have been able to offer onto others.

You have also developed some of the parents I support and helped with their mental health and wellbeing by allowing them to volunteer on your program.

Michael Bamford has been available for questions and has gone out of his way to provide support to some of the families in need.

As a family worker at Kingsway Park High School the support I receive has enabled to help both families from school and in the local community.

ReUse have made a huge difference to many people.

Thank you

Family Link Support Worker

A heartfelt letter of thanks from a member of the public:

24th April 2023


I just wanted to email you to support your plight to become a registered charity, & explain the story of  how you have provided support to a friend of mine.

My friend was down on his luck, he’d suffered the loss of a child in a tragic road traffic accident. This devastating loss affected his mental health quite severely, this led to him taking to the bottle which subsequently cost him his marriage. He found himself moving from pillar to post had a couple of short lasting relationships, as unfortunately his dependence on alcohol soon got the better of him.

After a number of years he’d gone from being in a happy marriage, owning his own home and having a successful business, to being homeless, jobless, having scuffs with the police  and a completely broken man. I found him living on a bench in Littleborough, with not a penny to his name.

With support he agreed to attempt a rehabilitation program and was very lucky to receive a placement in Lancaster, … he successfully completed the 3 month program and was due to be discharged a couple of weeks before Christmas. The homeless section of Rochdale Borough Council helped him with accommodation  but unfortunately he didn’t have a stick of furniture. Here is where ReUse Littleborough came to the rescue!!! Oh my goodness we were overwhelmed with the support Michael and reuse were able to give!! Everything from a drawer full of cutlery to a comfortable bed, bedding a sofa some winter clothes & even a few Christmas decorations ! When he arrived back from Lancaster and walked into his flat he was overcome with emotion, he couldn’t believe the generosity!!, he vowed he would never touch the bottle again & true to his word almost 3 years down the line he is still dry. He is a completely changed man and has got his life back on track.

My friends story is just one of hundreds, probably thousands of people who have been supported by this fabulous service that has provided invaluable items of furniture & household goods that otherwise would probably been thrown on the tip ready for landfill.
I really don’t know what would happen to all the families and individuals that have been supported by Michael and his team over the years, ReUse Littleborough is a valuable local resource that the people of our town cannot do without. I pray that they are awarded charity status so that they can continue to provide invaluable support to more families and individuals who find themselves in a desperate position.

Good luck and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

You’ve literally helped to save a life.