Boris has spoken,

30th December 2020
As expected Rochdale has been moved to Tier 4, This is akin to a lockdown, As a non essential shop we must now stay closed, It may sound like an excuse to carrying on watching day time Tv but to us its a massive blow, The phone rings many times daily asking if we are taking donations, So many members have upgraded their TVs and waiting to drop them in, lots have also got unwanted Christmas gifts to bring in, its a nightmare, But we will deal with it, our container of hope being packed to sent over to Africa for the kids is nearly full , Still looking for children summer clothes aged 1 to 6 years, Children’s underwear, hooded towels, Hairdo sweets,    

We can see Christmas from the bedroom window 😉

13th December 2020
Christmas is nearly upon us and we’ve would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a splendid new year, It’s been a very strange year, something that couldn’t be predicted, But here’s hoping you all managed to stay safe, we have been locked down twice but good to be up and running again with hygiene measures in place 😷😷 Having said that we will be closing on Saturday the 19th December to give our overworked staff a well earned break, we will reopen on Tuesday the 5th January, Thank you all for your continued support,